Why Disciple On A Journey?

RobertLindbergThe idea of Disciple on a Journey started years ago when I was trying to come up with a name for my blog. none of the cool names I came up with were available. Finally, I came up with Disciple On A Journey. Recently, I was able to get a gmail account using DiscipleOnAJourney. In just the last couple of days, I came up with the idea of creating my own website. Surprisingly, my domain was also available. So, I snatched it up. The whole thing has kind of snow-balled. I seem to be using this everywhere now. Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for example.

Now, though, it is time to sit back and contemplate on what does it mean to be a disciple on a journey? Right now I am in formation to become a permanent deacon in the Catholic church. The studies have been great. I realize that God’s people have always been on a journey. Seems like God was always telling them to pick up and move somewhere else. Along these travels, He would reveal himself to the people in newer and fuller ways. This continued on until finally they received the fullness of revelation in Jesus Christ. Much like the early church, I too have been on a journey, a journey where God will continue to reveal himself more fully to me and help me to be a better disciple.

When Jesus came to establish His Kingdom, it was not merely to establish a place but rather to come and be actively present in our lives. To actively rule in our midst. As such, we are called through our baptism into an active participation in the Kingdom of God. A faith that is more than just an idea. More than just something to look at or put away but a faith that is vibrant, active and moving in the lives of people.

Beautiful DesertI cannot even begin to articulate how wonderful it is to be on this journey. I am humbled to be called to serve in the Kingdom of God here on Earth, as unworthy as I am.