What is it about being in control? I mean, society tells us that we need to be in control of our lives and we make it happen. I think people have always had innate desires to be in control as we will see shortly in today’s reading from James and also […]

I’m In Control Here, LOL

Both of today’s readings contain elements of friction or conflict. In the first reading, we hear about internal conflicts, those things going on inside of ourselves. As the early church was being formed, the old ways of thinking were hard to shake to change. Behaviors and attitudes cultivated over generations […]

Friction Makes Heat

The Easter season is almost over and this Sunday we will celebrate the feast of Pentecost. This has been a wonderful Easter as I follow the daily readings like one would follow the daily new updates on the latest crisis. Each new little bit of news, I gobble up hungrily […]

Pentecost – The Journey Continues

I was teaching a class the other day and the subject centered around prayer. One of my students, Margo, compared the many styles and modes of prayer to having different tools in your tool box. I really thought this was a great analogy and wanted to expound on it a […]


Please be seated for a few announcements. I imagine that these words are spoken at the end of almost every mass, every Sunday. It is those last words, the final little bit of encouragement before being sent out to live the life of discipleship. In today’s Gospel reading on the […]

Please Be Seated For A Few Announcements

As I have said before, I love Easter. This Easter season I have read the daily readings each day, sharing the excitement of the early disciples, the early Christians as they are starting to be called. A theme I seem to be noticing is that many people are coming to […]

And So Much More

Why can’t life be like Burger King, where I can always get it my way. As a young child, I grew up watching the Burger King commercials and they always talked about getting it your way at Burger King. Being a little bit of a picky eater that was great […]

I Want It My Way

In my professional career, I am a database administrator. I deal with data all day long. Years ago I noticed that in databases it is all about relationship, how one piece of data relates to another. Sometimes the relationships are obvious, like a car is made of many parts. Sometimes […]


In my last post, I talked about listening for God. Certainly not an easy task but a worthwhile one considering the goal. My morning started with my men’s accountability group. It is awfully early but a great way to start the day with my brothers in Christ. After group this […]

Kyrie Eleison