Kyrie Eleison

Kyrie-MrMisterIn my last post, I talked about listening for God. Certainly not an easy task but a worthwhile one considering the goal. My morning started with my men’s accountability group. It is awfully early but a great way to start the day with my brothers in Christ. After group this morning, I went out and got into the car to drive to work. Flipping through the radio stations, I stopped on the Oldies station. I mean oldies like as in 80’s music. Wow, 80’s? Oldies? Maybe I am getting old. I am a child of the 80’s and I spent my high school and college years listening to the popular music of the day. At this point in my life, God was no where to be found. I had never had a relationship with God. Like, I was baptized but nothing beyond that. Back to the radio, a song came on, Kyrie by Mr. Mister – 1985. I really like that song back then it was very catchy and typical of the 80’s pop music scene. Today, that song took on a whole new meaning.

I became Catholic at Easter of 1989 and over the years I learned that Kyrie Eleison, means Lord have mercy. The words of the refrain echoed in my soul.

Kyrie Eleison, Down the road that I must travel

Lord have mercy, down the road that I must travel. We are all on a journey, we are disciples on a journey. I will only be able to travel this road by the Lord’s mercy. I have been called, set apart for Christ in my Baptism as most us have. I thank God for the road, maybe not an easy or direct road but yet the road that I must travel. Answer the baptismal call of Jesus and travel with him down the road of mercy. If you have not been baptized, come and see what the church has to offer.

Kyrie Elesion, through the darkness of the night

There will be dark nights in the journey. Times when we don’t feel the presence of God but his mercy is still there. Lord have mercy in my dark nights.

Kyrie Elesion, where I’m going will you follow

I will follow you Jesus. I don’t exactly know the road but I know it is with you. Lord, help me surrender the need to know where I am going.

Kyrie Eleison, on a highway in the light

Lord have mercy, on a highway in the light. This last line of the refrain is a bit more curious. I think maybe this is a hint or glimpse of our destination. The light symbolizes heaven where we will see God in all his Glory , as he truly is. The song has some good lyrics beyond the refrain and truly moved my soul this morning. I would suggest clicking on the link to the song above which has lyrics. I never expected to find a message from God in an 80’s pop song. Thank you, Jesus for revealing yourself to me today. I will be able to travel this road with your mercy.


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I am a convert to Catholicism and that has been the best thing ever in my life. I am currently in formation for the Diaconate in the Diocese of Austin. I have been married for 28 years to my wife Linda. I have 6 children and 2 grandchildren. I believe that we are all on a journey of discipleship. Some of us move slower than others. All that matters is that you are moving in the right direction. You can contact me at:

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