Vocation Not Location

In a recent conversation with a priest, I expressed how I was ready to start living my vocation. Which in my mind meant have a job, be married, and have kids the whole thing. I also shared with him that while being in Guatemala, I have seen many people living out their vocations. There are two young women who help with a literacy program for women while two seminarians teach a youth group. I wanted so bad to be in a place like that, where I had found a place where I was needed and belonged. He reminded me that the idea I had in my mind probably would happen. But I am young and that is not my purpose now. Right now I may not be able to do much because I am in another country and do not speak Spanish but there is a lot to learn. My vocation is right now, to live and make the best of my days in Guatemala. I was struggling on deciding when to return to Texas. Deciding my vocation was to just be was a big relief on my brain and heart. I can instead broaden my horizons and my soul.

My vocation is not complete when I arrive at the right job or family situation. Rather, my vocation is following God’s will and really seeing where I can be the most use where I am right now. Still, this does not mean a life without goals, ambition, or a view¬†for the future. But using the present time to ready your heart for later days. So, for now I am a saint in training with my soul and faith growing right along with me.


About Rebecca Lindberg

I am 18 years old and I graduated from Holy Trinity Catholic High School in May 2015. I am currently in Guatemala living with the Missionary Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary experiencing a different culture and myself outside of my comfort zone. I am from Temple, TX and I have three older sisters and a younger brother and sister.

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