Can we give without cost? Probably. Most of us can, at least some of the time. We can freely do or give to others. But, can we do this without even measuring the cost? It is this inner attitude of heart that I am interested in exploring today. It is […]

Without Cost You Are To Give

As I read today’s readings the word authority keeps jumping out at me. There is an underlying theme of authority present in the readings this week and today we read in the gospel that Jesus summons the twelve disciples and gives them authority over unclean spirits to drive them out […]

Freedom Through Authority

Lent a Success? I guess is all depends on how you look at it. By Human standards, Lent was probably quite a failure. But as I reflect back on Coffee I drank anyway and the Facebook that I logged onto, it was a vivid reminder of just how weak I […]

Easter Is Here! Lent A Success?

In November of 2015 as part of my formation to the diaconate, we were trained in a way to answer Pope Francis’ call to go to the periphery and to preach the gospel. We were trained that day by the people from St. Paul Street Evangelization. Adam Janke did a wonderful […]

God’s Timing

From the second reading of the fourth Sunday of Lent we read: For you were once darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Live as children of light Ephesians 5:8 I have been thinking about this idea of being darkness all week, wondering what God was trying to […]

From Darkness Into Light

So, I haven’t written in a while. My only excuse is that my studies have kept me pretty busy lately. Anyway, I thought I would write a little something today as we are about half way through Lent.  This has turned into quite the Lenten journey for me. You see, […]

Of Coffee And Generosity

I remember once about a year or so ago I wanted to try a new recipe for a family gathering. I was going to make Kahlua pork. I just love Hawaiian luau style pork roast. So, I found my recipe and started getting everything going. My roast was about the […]

That Is Too Spicy!!!

Emmanuel, God is with us. Ever since the fall, the Israelites have been looking for a savior, a messiah. In spite of the words of the prophets, the Israelites were looking for a warrior, a king to come and set them free. But God, in the fullness of time, fulfills […]

God Is With Us

The Word comes to us. The Word came to Elizabeth. The Word Incarnate came first to Mary and Mary brought the Word to Elizabeth. As St. Ambrose so beautifully explains, when Mary comes to Elizabeth there was a human and divine connection. An immediate connection of humanity between Mary and […]

Mary Visits Elizabeth